Western Sydney looked like they had the game iced at 3-2 with six minutes to go, however goals from Ritchie de Laet and Schenkeveld sealed the victory for City.

The Dutchman scored his first goal in the 94th minute with a header and appeared to be celebrating towards the Wanderers bench.

Janjetovic was visibly fired up on the bench as he was restrained by officials. Roly Bonevacia was also fuming.

Wanderers gloveman unhappy with Bart's conduct

The glovesman told FTBL post-match that the defender's antics was unprofessional.

“I didn’t think it was necessary,” Janjetovic said. “Alright, you scored the winning goal at the end of the game, but that’s when you need to stand tall and be a true professional.

“Obviously they came back. It showed good character from them, but doing something like that takes it all away, so for me it was disrespectful and unprofessional.

“I’d be disappointed if my own player did that 100%, but our players wouldn’t.

“I didn’t see him after the game, we went in straight away. I would’ve had a few words, but it’s just straight disrespect and probably shouldn’t happen.

"It doesn’t just happen here, it happens all over the world. It’s an unfortunate thing we have to deal with.”

Schenkeveld claimed he was celebrating with the fans behind the opposition’s dugout.

“I was talking to the fence behind the bench, I had a lot of friends behind the Wanderers and I celebrated with them,” he said.

“He (Janjetovic) didn’t say anything to me. If he has a problem, then it’s his problem.”

Bonevacia said he briefly spoke to his countryman post-match, but wasn’t pleased about the centre-back's actions.

“It was more about respect, so of course, you score a goal, you’re excited, but you always have to show respect to the opponent in my opinion,” he said.

“It was just in the moment of the excitement and he does this. For me personally, I was not happy about this, but what can you do?”