The Dane tried to put off the veteran captain – whose impeccable record from the spot is the best of anyone at the World Cup – by staring him down and leaping on his line.

But after training today, Jedinak responded simply: "Did it look like a concern?

"I didn't really take a lot of notice of him to be honest. I only saw him jumping and whatnot, but I guess people are going to resort to whatever they have to, and he has every right to do that."

Jedinak's ice cool calm from the penalty spot has kept Australia competitive both at the World Cup – with two from two already – and through vital WC qualifiers as well.

But he insists there's no special technique to it.

"I'm able to maintain that focus which I'm very happy about – and the ball ended up in the back of the net," he said.

"There's no real secret, if I'm honest. It's making sure you know what you're going to do when you go up there.

"I know it sounds strange, but keeping as calm as possible with all the screaming and all the shouting and the rest of it.

"Just stay focused on the ball making sure you get a nice contact, and if the ball goes in the keeper's direction, that it's hard enough that he can't get it."

With goals from open play elusive for the Socceroos, Jedinak's skills from the spot have been pivotal for Australia.

He added: "I'm happy that I've been able to score and take the penalties.

"But I think now it's about us as a group and making sure we do everything we possibly can in this game on Tuesday.

"Not only to give a good account of ourselves but to get an all important victory."