Charlie Morgan, the ballboy involved, has refused to make a complaint over the Belgian's apparent kick to the youngster, who was denying Hazard access to the ball for a throw-in late in the Capital One Cup semi-final second leg.

But despite members of the crowd filing complaints to Wales police, Jenkins said the issue should have already been put behind them

"On a personal note, I find it remarkable that there is any thought of police action," he told Sky Sports.

"I quickly want everything to get back to normal as quickly as we can, move on and look forward to our next game against Sunderland.

"Things are done in heat of the moment and probably everybody looks back and wishes things had been done differently. We accept how things are and all move forward."

The FA is also understood to be reviewing the footage of the incident which took place during the 0-0 second-leg draw, which saw Swansea reach the final on aggregate.

When asked whether the FA should drop its investigation, Jenkins replied: "That would be my personal feeling but I can't control what others are going to do. Speaking on behalf of the club, it's something we'd quickly like to forget."

He also quickly dismissed any ideas that the ballboy may have been employed to waste time, declaring: "I've never had discussions with ball-boys and I don't know who does."