Frustrated by poor results, bad referee decisions and questions marks over new signings, some Jets fans say they have lost patience with the club.

But Jets CEO McKinna last night sent fans a personal open letter to outline the club's plans and ask them to call off any protests at Newcastle's home game.

"Off the back of some of this controversy, I've heard plenty of fans talking about boycotting some or all of the F3 Derby," he wrote to fans.

"This is the worst possible outcome for the boys. Any boycott punishes them for something out of their control."

He added: "We want to build an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams and every one of you is an important part of that.

"We've got 39 points left to play for this season, and while the need to pick up points is important, there's still plenty of football left to play.

"Everyone across the club holds the belief that we can make the finals and this F3 Derby could very well be the launchpad for our season.

"That why we need you more than ever."

The Jets currently sit in seventh spot on the ladder at the halfway stage of the season, but 10 points off Adelaide United's 22 points in sixth spot.

Newcastle have picked up just three wins and three draws from the season so far and fans have voiced concerns about the club's lack of ambition to bring in new signings to bolster the squad.

But McKinna hit back: "This season we have a full 23- man squad. We're not in a position to make sweeping changes, nor do we need to.

"Our player budget for 2018/19 season is the most the club has ever spent in a single season, marginally up from last year.

"Despite this, the club's overall spend still fall below the league's average."

Fans have been demanding owner Lee Martin opens his wallet to bring in bigger marquee signings to McDonald Jones Stadium.

But McKinna backed his boss and said Martin was clearly committed to investing in the Jets, despite the US-China trade war affecting his global operations.

"It's not as simple as that and it's not always the answer," he said. "Martin's generosity towards the Jets has been nothing short of amazing.

"With the bulk of his business in the US, Martin's stocks had taken a hit but things have been on the improve and his commitment to the club remains as strong as ever."

McKinna added that the football department were constantly reviewing matches and highlighting officiating issues with the FFA.

"We've been on the wrong end of a few calls this season, which is certainly not to blame for the poor results," he said.

"But there is no doubting there is a high level of inconsistency across the board. It's a frustration for me first and foremost as a fan, and something the club continues to address with the FFA.

"This work is done behind closed doors because there is no need to air all our grievances publicly."