The Sydney-based Australian Jewish Association has asked FFA to stop the Socceroos from taking on Palestine on Friday.

It claims that football is being politicised by the Asian Football Confederation and that the AFC is biased against Israel.

"Soccer is being blatantly politicised by the Asian Football Confederation as 'Palestine' is not a country recognised by the international community," the AJA's statement reads.

"The AFC, dominated by Arab interests, should not have admitted 'Palestine' as a member. In 1974 the AFC expelled Israel as a member. Its expulsion could rightly be characterised as antisemitic.

"The AFC has even attempted to erase Israel from its history books altogether. Israel participated in the Asian Cup (which is played every four years) in 1956, 1960 and 1964, actually winning the Asian Cup in 1964.

"Yet the AFC's promotional video for the last Asian Cup (held in Australia in 2015) showcased all past winners but ignored Israel's win in 1964. The admission of 'Palestine' as a participating country is the other side of the same antisemitic coin.

"'Palestine' is in part controlled by Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation and in part by the Palestinian Authority which incites and rewards the murder of Jews in Israel.

"Australia’s participation in the Asian Cup in these circumstances legitimises the politicisation of the Cup as it renders Australia complicit with the AFC’s political bias against Israel."

AJA President Dr David Adler said: "The FFA Board should not allow the Socceroos to play 'Palestine'.

"If compelled to do so, then at the very least it must do so under protest by sending a clear and unambiguous message to FIFA and the football world that the AFC’s bias and antisemitic policies and the politicisation of the Asian Cup for propaganda purposes are wholly unacceptable to Australia and should not be tolerated."

The AJA was set up a year ago and was launched on controversial right wing columnist Andrew Bolt's Sky News TV show The Bolt Report.

It said it supported free speech and opposed political correctness, and campaigned against key parts of the Same Sex Marriage bill. Its Twitter account has 403 followers.