The Chivalrous and the Socceroos meet in Amman on Thursday. The last time the two nations met, at the Asian Cup in January, Jordan secured an upset 1-0 win.

Borkelmans believes while this game is different to that one, the preparation for the qualifier has been good.

“That was a tournament and a tournament is different to now with the qualifier,” he told FTBL.

“I always talk to my players that we can beat any team. In the first half against Paraguay we played amazing. In the second half we made many mistakes, which can happen.

“We played against good quality teams and we could play for 50,60 minutes. Now it’s working for 95 minutes against big teams.

“Australia is a big team, they have a good squad of players and capable players, so we must be at 120%, not 80% otherwise we can’t do enough. I can say at this moment the players have trained good, only we have no games, which is a big problem.

“Only five are playing every week with their clubs. But OK, we have worked on this and we are now ready for the two games that are coming. In the Asian Cup we played at a good level.

“We had good camps and everything was working at a high level. Now it’s the same. We beat Australia at the Asian Cup but now it’s another level of thinking and working for this game. For us, it’s very important that we don’t lose.

“When you don’t lose, you make a personal achievement. I like this, I talked many times to the players that they have good skills and they must believe in their skills and think at any moment they can do something special.

“We’ve been training at a high level and as a coach I’m very happy.”

Jordan are ranked 98th in the world, 54 places below Australia.

The Arab nation has two wins and a draw from its first three qualifiers and sits in second place in the group, just behind the Socceroos who have nine points.

Borkelmans and the national team have received some criticism from their own fans after their 0-0 draw with Kuwait last month.

The Belgian said a win over Australia would send out a message to the world.

“The fans are always shouting to the players, the media are very hard to us and me,” he admitted.

“I can give you an example, we have seven points out of nine and they shout at the games ‘Vital out, Vital out’. We need a very big push for this country. In this country the people need a good push also.

“They need something good so the people outside of Jordan, around the world, that they know Jordan is still alive.”