The 110 NPL club members that make up the AAFC will hold their inaugural Annual General Meeting next month where members are expected to ratify the organisation’s new Constitution.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 3 July 2017 and new directors representing each of the eight state federations will be chosen from the National Premier League (NPL) clubs.  

The eight directors nominated by each federation to be appointed after the adoption of the new Constitution are: ACT: John Tiele NSW: Gino Marra NNSW: Christo Patsan QLD: Rabieh Krayem SA: Amin Ayoubi TAS: Victoria Morton VIC: Dean Hennessey WA: Gary Marocchi.

Tom Kalas, chairman of the steering committee formed to manage the establishment of the AAFC, is stepping down in July to handover to the new Board.

“This is indeed an historic event which future sports historians will point to as being a pivotal moment in Australia's football history,” he said.

“This is the next step for the AAFC in achieving the objectives we set for ourselves in our inaugural national meeting in March.

“The NPL clubs of Australia considered it necessary to form an organisation to represent their common interests as NPL clubs. This is particularly the case in light of discussions regarding changes to the FFA governance model.

“A great deal of work has been covered by our initial directors, steering committee and national delegates. I would like to thank them all for their diligence and hard work.”

Since its inception, AAFC has lobbied for the creation of a national second tier competition and to be included at the Football Federation Australia (FFA) National congress process in November.

“Collectively, the NPL clubs have coverage of more than 30,000 registered players of semi-professional and amateur status, with a responsibility for management of significant community assets through boutique football facilities and sporting infrastructure,” Kalas said.

“They play a crucial role within the football framework developed by FFA and implemented by the state federations. The AAFC is charged with representing them in their dealings with the governing bodies.

“We are of the view that a second division is essential for the future, long-term development of the game, as well as for Australia to meet FIFA and AFC requirements.’