Kewell was removed by struggling Notts last year after just 14 games in charge.

The club went on to relegated last season.

Kewell concedes he still doesn't understand the decision.

"I do still feel hard done by my departure from Notts County, as any manager would, given the circumstances," the former Socceroo told The Sack Race.

"I’m still wondering the reasons why I got the sack there. I went into a club who were sitting dead last in League Two, then I got them out of the relegation zone within 10 games, only to then get the sack... I don’t get it.

"It still baffles me. Especially when the club paid Crawley Town for me. It’s still a difficult one to take. I’m still bewildered at what happened."

"Alan Hardy had sat me down and told me his idea of what he wanted for the club. How he had looked at me for the work I’d done at Crawley, the way my team had been playing and the young players I was giving debuts to, who were then going on to make names for themselves in the league.

"He wanted to create this wonderful idea of how he wanted his Notts County to start playing like my Crawley side, which was great news. They are a huge, fantastic club with great supporters in a great area.

"Crawley is also a fantastic club, who gave me a platform, but I saw Notts County as a wonderful opportunity to sink my teeth into.

"I had a three-year contract - Hardy actually wanted to give me a five-year contract - but I told him that the most important thing for the club was to survive, then to build. I remember we’d won three games on the bounce, then played Bury, who we ended up losing to, as they had a fantastic team.

"After that, I got a sense that something didn’t feel right - football is a small world at times.

"Hardy never really said anything but if an owner was sitting in a relegation position, goes out and buys a manager who, within 10 games, takes the club from being in the relegation zone to out of the relegation zone, only to then go ‘you know what, I’m now going to go out and get a new manager now’ - I just don’t get it.

"I could understand if I was still sitting there and not making any progress but we were. It was a real shock to me. At the end of the day, it was his club and his way, so what can you do? You can’t argue with it."

Kewell is still without a coaching job after his sacking in November, nearly a year later.