Kewell left Australia at 15 and debuted in the top flight with Leeds United as a 17-year-old in 1996.

The former Socceroo says, compared with his era, the youngsters of today have it too easy at Premier League clubs.

"It is different because it has changed now," Kewell told Premier League Daily.

"Even the simple thing is when we first came over, we all had jobs and a responsibility. We used to have to sit there for a good 20 minutes polishing one boot to make sure you could see the shine, otherwise the first-teamer wouldn’t be happy.

"Now, even cleaning, a lot of Premier League clubs have people coming in, so the youngsters don’t really get to know how to clean and look after themselves. They get all their food too. Their attitude straight away feels like they’re walking in and they’re Premier League players.

"The way they get brought into this is not good. Let’s face it, nine out of 10 will not make the Premier League. They may make the Championship, League One, League Two, I just think they need to toughen up.

"It is a tough sport, you have to be strong, thick-skinned, otherwise people will tear you apart whether that’s on the pitch or off the pitch.

"I just don’t think they do enough in this day and age to set the tone right for young players to know what world they’re actually getting involved in because it is tough out there.

"It is one of those things that - what we’ve grown up with and seen in dressing rooms, you just couldn’t do that to young players now. I don’t think they could handle it. It is a completely different world we’re living in now, so you’ve just got to go with it.”