Kewell is currently managing League Two club Notts County in England.

Bellamy is one of the most celebrated coaches in the NRL with four premiership titles and a win rate of 68%.

Asked about whether young footballers are pampered too much these days compared to the 1990s when he was coming through as a player, the former Socceroo name-dropped his fellow Australian.

"We used to do so many jobs and, for me, that’s what needs to come back,” Kewell told Nottinghamshire Live.

"I see a lot of kids now and they have their kits folded for them, they get this and that. They are already living the life of a top player because everything is laid out. They get breakfast, they get their lunch but they aren’t going to get that at every club.

"Nine out of 10 players are not going to make it so they could end up at a club where you have to take your own kit home and wash it. I think clubs should do more to prepare players in that respect.

"Back in Australia, one of our greatest coaches in rugby league is Craig Bellamy at Melbourne Storm. There is a story that goes round that when a new player comes in, he first gets them to work on a building site for a couple of weeks.

"It’s like that’s real work, but the rugby is the pleasure. We can’t really send footballers to building sites, but there are things we can do to make youngsters a little tougher.

"If they do make it then fantastic but it would also give them balance too."