Kruse came under heavy fire on social media during the Socceroos' matches at the tournament in Russia.

The winger said he is most concerned about what his teammates and coaches think of him, not those online.

"Social media gives really unimportant people (a chance) to voice their opinions," Kruse said.

"It's really not important for me, I listen to the people who I need to – my family, my coaches and most importantly my teammates. If they're disappointed in me then I'd be more affected but they're really happy with the way I do things.

"I do a lot of stuff that some people don't notice on the football pitch. My teammates really value that in my game."

Kruse debuted for the national team seven years ago and has accrued 67 caps.

The 30-year-old said he has learnt to do deal with the vitriol.

"Obviously it's not nice but I've learned to deal with it, I'm not a kid anymore," he admitted.

"It comes with the nature of playing football. To be honest, I don't really read too much into it. Obviously, I heard of it through some of the boys. You go through ups and downs through your career.

"When I was at Leverkusen I copped it a bit because I was coming back from injury and you're not quite at the top of your game again."