Youngsters Denis Genreau (20 years old) and Connor Metcalfe (19) started in City's midfield, with Metcalfe scoring a superb header and Genreau involved in a number of key passes.

Moudi Najjar (19) started up front alongside Lachlan Wales (22) while the exciting Stefan Colakovski (19) made his A-League debut as a substitute and Ramy Najjarine (19) featured off the bench.

"We know that we have young players and in our squad they have the chance to play," Mombaerts said.

"Why? Because we have 20 players but ... we have maybe six, seven young players. So it's normal that they have the chance to play.

"So it's normal - our squad is built like that and we want to do this also, we want to develop young players."

Mombaerts said Genreau, a classy attacking midfielder who has started City's past two games, needed more game time in order to improve.

"He has to play - it's like that for young players," Mombaerts said.

"So training is very important but playing is more important to increase their experience."

More young players have emerged in the early rounds of this season, with Australian clubs allowed to have up to seven players on the bench if at least three players in their matchday squad are Australians under 23.

"We have the chance to have very good young players but if we want to achieve something high, they need all the time to have things that they need to improve - all the time," Mombaerts said.

"Improve with the ball, on the ball, on possession ... (and) defensively.

"They have to improve because to play in the A-League is easy but if we want to achieve something and to win something, they need to be strong."