George said the outfit failed to honour a performance agreement but Victory have denied the allegation.

In a statement on Thursday the club said: "Despite the club's best efforts over an extended period of time, the 31-year-old has rejected a substantially improved offer and is instead pursuing other opportunities.

Leroy George on why he left party-hard Melbourne Victory

"Melbourne Victory would like to thank Leroy for his contribution and wishes him well for the future."

The 31-year-old said he is negotiating with three other A-League clubs but would need a lucrative deal to continue playing so fare from home.

News of his departure comes hot on the heels of Rhys William's decision to move to the Middle East with one year still left on his contract.


In a wide-ranging interview with Vice Sports, George said: "People are surprised that I have not renewed my contract with Melbourne Victory. Football was good and life also pleased me very well. 

"I still get a lot of (messages) from people from the club if I want to come back to Australia. I was greatly appreciated by the players, but unfortunately certain people have not fulfilled their (promises) in conversation with my agent Richinel Bryson .

"We had agreed that if I would perform well that would also be seen in the next contract. The club also wanted to extend, but then just for the same amount. And that after everything I've done there last year...I am old and wise enough now that I know this is part of football. It remains business."

George scored nine goals and chipped in with 14 assists for Victory. He has not ruled out signing elsewhere in Asia or a return to Turkey but said China did not interest him.

“As a little boy who grew up here in the Staatslieden neighbourhood I never expected that I would ever see Australia," he said.

“I do what I am good at, the game that I love. I come to countries where I would not come without football. That's great to experience.

"It is therefore too early for a return to the Netherlands. I would like to play abroad for another year or two. Around that time I am 33 and then we see again.”