Liverpool has been handed a chaotic fixture list with the Reds set to face Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup before playing the FIFA Club World Cup semi-final the next day.

Liverpool will travel to Aston Villa on Tuesday, December 17 for the quarter-final of the Carabao Cup despite the Club World Cup taking place in Qatar on December 18.

The Reds will be forced to field two different squads for the two matchdays to resolve the issue with the EFL reluctant to reschedule the Carabao Cup quarter-final.

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp said: "We had to make a decision, and we've made a decision now because all the other alternatives were more problems than solutions and didn't work out."

While Klopp didn't flat-out blame the EFL and FIFA for the fixture congestion he indicated that Liverpool's decision was taken out of their hands.

He said: "Did they say we must do it? Kind of. Do you want to be really in trouble with FIFA? I'm not sure. Do you want to really be in trouble with EFL? Probably not."

"We respect the competitions. It sounds like we don't want to play in the Carabao Cup, but that's not true.

"What I don't like about the Carabao Cup is two legs in the semi-final. I don't understand that. It's a busy period, I don't like it."

This will be the second time Liverpool have participated in the FIFA Club World Cup after losing in the final of their first appearance to Sao Paulo. 

Klopp said: "The Club World Cup you play in only if you win the Champions League. That doesn't happen in your life five million times, and that means we take the opportunity."

With two fixtures in two days, Liverpool youngsters will be hoping to get a run out for the current champions of Europe.