The FFA Chairman said criticism of FFA staff and bid consultants – in particularly Peter Hargitay – were off the mark.

But he confirmed Hargitay’s company had received around A $1m and another consultant was paid over two million euros.

Lowy also said Australia was targeted in the voting to be eliminated in the first round despite believing they had five or six votes in the bag.

“We were a clean bid, not shonky,” he said. “Maybe it cost us ...but the last word about the [voting] process has not been said.”

He added that he will offer FFA CEO Ben Buckley a new contract and the CEO indicated he wanted to play his part in the future of the game.

In other news from an almost one hour press conference:

*A later start date for next year’s A-League

*Fury’s future to be decided by month’s end

*Gold Coast United was a concern

*Sydney Rovers will definitely happen, it’s just a matter of when

 More to come...