The cash-strapped code and A-League is in desperate need of a financial boost, with several clubs struggling to survive including the embattled North Queensland Fury, but Lowy told the Sydney Morning Herald he wouldn't be donating his own money.

''It's not a matter of whether or not I'm prepared to do it. I'm the chairman of FFA, not the owner of the A-League, and therefore it's not appropriate to do that,'' Lowy said.

''I give a lot of my time, I also support it. I even used to own Sydney FC - which wasn't appropriate and who I don't own now - so it's not a matter of me putting money into the game.''

Lowy, the owner of the Westfield Group and one of the richest men in Australia, said he believes throwing money at the game's problems won't solve anything in the long-term.

''It is for me to fix the game, because a certain amount of money just coming in is not the answer,'' he said.

''The answer is to fix the game, to get the support that it requires. That's what I need to do, that's what I'm trying to do, together with my team.''

Lowy also spoke about the future of North Queensland Fury, reiterating his stance the Townsville public need to support the club and that they can't rely on the FFA to do so.

''We had a problem in Adelaide which is solved now and we've had a problem on the Gold Coast, [but] we now have an owner that is willing to do the right thing,'' he said.

''But in Townsville we need the people to come up with more than what they have done up to now and then we will support [the club].

"We need Townsville people to take the lead, and we will support them if they take that lead. But we will not lead a team in Townsville. They need to lead it.''