Sheffield Wednesday could return to training in small groups on Monday, with the hope of a June 13 return to action.

The UK remains badly affected by the Coronavirus with more than 36,000 deaths and 251,000 cases,

Luongo says there will be concerns about when players start tackling each other and begin training in large groups.

"Even I am worried about that because I don't know what the other players are doing outside of the training ground," the Socceroo told Yorkshire Live.

"I can't control that and if it goes back to my family then I would never forgive myself. I think that is the alarming bit. At the moment, I feel reassured but going forward I am a little sceptical about how things will work.

"With the way things are going, I don't see how we can get from this stage to playing a full game. It doesn't seem realistic at the moment if we can't tackle or mark players but I am sure they will set up guidelines and prepare us for that."

Luongo believes he and his teammates will need to play a number of matches before being ready to resume the Championship campaign.

"We have had longer off than what we would have done in the off season," the midfielder said.

"I know we have all been trying to stay fit from home but we need games to get fit. I can't see how we are going to start again on June 13 or whatever they set out.  I don't think it is realistic that teams will be ready or fully fit.

"Will we have a month of preparing or will we still be social distancing? How is it going to work? There is a lot to sort out and we are going to need like a mini pre-season before we get going again."