The 22-year old, who joined Adelaide at the start of the season, has played in every game for the Reds this season who now sit in eighth spot on the A-League table.

The thrashing of the Central Coast ended a run of eight games without a victory for the South Australian outfit.

“It was a great win,” Lustica said. “It was a great confidence boost for us, great confidence boost for the last few weeks.

"We haven’t been getting the results but I think we’ve been playing some good football but I think we’ve been unlucky.

"We’ve been creating a lot of chances but we haven’t been putting them away and we’ve been punished for a lot of mistakes we’ve been making in defence. The last game against the Mariners, everything went in our favour.

"The chances we’ve been creating, we put them all way and defensively we were very good as well.”

Lustica said the spirit amongst the Reds squad has remained strong despite the lack of results and he believes the fallout from the incident between Gombau and a local journalist last week has not affected the players.

“I don’t think it did," he said. "Us players, we just concentrate on performing each week. We all support the coach 100%. Everyone’s behind Josep and he supports us as well.

"We also know that we’ve got the support from the fans as well, they showed that last Saturday the support for Josep, and that was great to see as well.

"That was before we won, so even though we weren’t getting the results they were buying into what the coach is trying to do and they’re appreciated that.

“The feeling’s been the same all the way. The coach has told us the way he wants us to play and we’ve been working hard at training towards that.

"I think we’ve been showing that this season, it’s just the results haven’t been going our way."

Gombau has come under recent fire after a slanging match with an Adelaide Advertiser journalist became public.

Lustica, a former Brisbane Roar and Hadjuk Split playmaker, believes the Spanish coach has been a positive influence on the team and brought a lot of different ideas to Hindmarsh Stadium.

“He’s got a lot of knowledge,” Lustica said. “Obviously he worked at Barcelona for a long time so he’s got a lot of knowledge and he’s bringing that to us.

"Me personally, I’m enjoying it a lot and I’m learning a lot from him and I think I can keep learning and improving off him.

"At the moment I think all the boys are happy, it’s a good environment to be in and we’re looking forward to improving.”