Smith ignited debate and a melee after Maccarone converted the penalty in Saturday’s 3-3 draw at Westpac Stadium.

The 18-year-old goalkeeper blew a kiss at the Italian as he prepared to take his penalty, in an attempt to put him off, which Maccarone took exception at.

Fox Sports pundit Mark Bosnich reiterated Maccarone’s stance during the A-League Hour on Monday night, while opinions were split on social media.

Speaking on Wednesday, 38-year-old Maccarone added that it was “important for his life” that Smith learn to respect his elders.

“I think there’s no respect,” the two-time Italy international said.

“You always have to give respect to people, especially from him, because maybe he’s my son, he’s 20 years younger.”

Maccarone added that he felt it was symbolic of the younger generation.

“I can’t understand from the younger people like him, I think they watch too much TV to do that,” Maccarone said.

“We have to play football. It’s okay, you can take my penalty, but don’t do that.

“I don’t think it’s good, maybe it is for somebody.”