The Italian was relieved of his duties on Monday after overseeing the shock FA Cup final defeat to Wigan at Wembley two days prior.

But Ferguson has expressed surprise that Mancini's trophy haul throughout his three-year stay at the Etihad Stadium had not merited loyalty from the club's board.

"It's quite amazing," he said. "He's won the FA Cup, been in the final this season, second in the Premier League this season, won the league last season, and it's not good enough?

"I was surprised... actually no, you can't say you're surprised, not with some owners today. So you can't be surprised, but I still don't think it was right."

The Scot went on to insist that the upheaval at City would have no impact on his successor in the Old Trafford hotseat David Moyes.

"I don't think that matters to him," he added. "What happens at City won't have any bearing on David. 

"He's got the structure here, he's got the experience, he's had to handle things at Everton that are more difficult, probably.

"So I don't think that matters."

Ferguson also underlined that dealing with Wayne Rooney's public desire to leave the club would fall to Moyes upon his arrival at United.

"I've no idea. It's not my department. I'm no longer interested in that," he continued.
"David is going to deal with that. Quite rightly he wants to deal with that and I'm happy with that. I've not spoken to David about it but I'm sure he'll address it when he gets here."