The Mariners have won only two of 23 games this season and are set to claim another wooden spoon.

Devoted fan Wayne Murray contacted FTBL with a passionate letter. It reads:

"I am one of thousands of true ‘Football people’ who also happen to be Central Coast Mariners Members, Fans and Supporters (yes, we do still actually exist!!!).

Before I go any further I want to acknowledge that yes our Club has become a joke, and a laughing stock of Australian sport. You have no idea how much pain and embarrassment that causes me to admit regarding the Club I love.

But I would also really appreciate it if people could recognise that our Club has a very proud and successful history over the period that the A League has existed.

Our record in Premiership wins, Championship wins, GF appearances, Pre-Season wins, AFC appearances, and developing Socceroos is exceptional compared to many other A League Clubs that have a much higher population base, and significantly greater financial resources than our Club.

And yet we have shown that we can thrive, and succeed. And we can do it again!

With no intention of disrespecting the fact that Mr Mike Charlesworth dug us out of a ‘financial hole’ a few years back (for which I will forever be grateful) it is now well past the point that it must be said that neither he nor his CCM Management team are the appropriate people to lead our Club forward.

Currently there is no obvious plan, ambition, competency, or understanding being shown. Plus there is next to no meaningful information being made available by the Club that would at least keep CCM Members and Supporters aware of the situation, and/or excited by future plans. 

Player signings, re-signings, departures, releases, loans, Coaches comings and goings, a stream of English ‘expert’ directors that appear for five minutes then head back to the UK, are farcical.

The lack of ‘factual’ communication being offered by the Club Management to Members and Fans is monumental. It is now at the stage where long term Members such as myself and my family simply cannot bear to even attend games!

And that is after not having missed a home game in eight seasons.