It's hard to know how many coaches would have been interested in the Mariners coaching role, given the highly pedigreed Mike Mulvey's dismal run in Gosford.

Which, along with the short turnaround from Stajcic's Matildas fall, is perhaps why some sections of the media didn't give the coach quite the respect he deserved.

Stajcic is, after all, largely responsible for guiding the Matildas to their current status as one of the best female football teams in the world. Yet an interim contract at the Mariners doesn't necessarily reflect that.

"(A permanent contract) hasn't been ratified just yet," Stajcic said.

"We're in talks and I'm hoping that will happen sooner rather than later, but that hasn't been finalised just yet.

"The main thing is that the playing group is in a positive mindset.

"We've got good intent in the team and that's really the most important thing at the moment."

Two of his clear standouts paid tribute to the new boss - as his players have after nearly every performance (two wins now in five games) - after the Mariners' 3-1 win over Western Sydney Wanderers.

"I think everyone can see the change in mentality since Staj has come in," Matt Simon said.

"He's huge on accountability and I think that's awesome – it's what you need to have. There are good signs ahead."

"Personally I've really bought into what (Stajcic) has brought in," Jack Clisby echoed. "Two wins in five games, we're very happy to have him here."