The injured midfielder was sent off with four minutes of the FIFA World Cup qualifier remaining for kicking out at the medical official who was taking him from the pitch.

With the scores level at 1-1, Mascherano left the field on a cart but took exception to the way it was being driven and twice lashed out at the driver.

His first kick brushed the right arm of the official, and he followed this up with a second that made more of a connection before arguing with the man.

Referee Enrique Caceres was alerted to the incident and brandished a red card to the Barcelona player before he returned to the pitch.

Mascherano looked shocked at the decision, but later, having reflected on what happened, he apologised for his actions.
"In this instance I was wrong," he said. "My reaction was not justified. I feel ashamed."

The 29-year-old followed up that with a comment on his official Twitter page that reiterated his contrition.

His tweet read: "I really apologize for the reaction I had, nothing justifies this. Great team work and effort!!"