Australia finished top of their group and are now through to the semi finals.

Played in humid conditions with a slight breeze, the Matildas have scored a hat trick with three wins out of three games.

They got off to a good start with Colthorpe shining in the first half and scoring a goal in the 6th and 22nd minute.

With Rollason off at half time due to injury and replaced with Mastrantonio, Australia started applying pressure again from the beginning of the second half.

In the 51st minute, Butt delivered a great ball in from the corner to centre goal, which was touched in from close range by Sykes.

With Sykes' work done, she was substituted for Tristram in the 58th minute. Then within nine minutes, Balomenos connected with Colthorpe who ran in through the box, across to Tristram to score a neat low finish from 10 metres out.

With Khamis on and Walters off, shortly after in the 78th minute, Balomenos raced in and scored Australia’s fifth goal of the match.

A free kick centre field from 35 metres out saw Colthorpe tap the ball to Mastrantonio, who delivered a solid, crowd pleasing shot that flew into the top right corner.

Coach Alistair Edwards said Australia’s overall performance was excellent – with the team controlling the tempo from start to finish.

“We were able to try different players in different positions, and also to change our system of play as the game progressed to try to counteract Singapore's defensive approach.

“Our first target of making it to the semi finals has been achieved - everyone has contributed to us getting this far.”

He added: “It's pleasing for the future of our game that our two youngest players got on the score sheet today.”

Australia is through to the semi finals on Saturday, with opponent yet to be determined.

Match Details
AFF Women's Championship 2008
13 October
Singapore v Australia
Thanh Long Sports Complex, Vietnam
6.00pm local

SINGAPORE 0 - AUSTRALIA 6 (Colthorpe 6'/22', Sykes 51', Tristram 69', Balomenos 78', Mastrantonio 91')

STARTING LINE-UP: Lydia Williams (gk), Clare Polkinghorne, Kim Carroll (c), Brooke Spence, Christine Walters (Leena Khamis 73’), Renne Rollason (Ella Mastrantonio 45’), Amy Chapman, Lauren Colthorpe, Ashleigh Sykes (Jenna Tristram 58’), Tameka Butt, Victoria Balomenos.

UNAVAILABLE: Elise Kellond-Knight (injured) and Lyndasy Glohe (injured)