McGing has made his name in the A-League as a centre back. But against Adelaide United he was part of a three-man midfield with Nick Montgomery and Fabio Ferriera.

McGing featured in central midfield again the week before against Perth, with Liam Rose and the 22-year old swapping places. The Mariners have won both games with McGing in midfield.

"I'm loving it at the moment," he said.

"I originally was a midfielder so moving back there is a good thing. I'm enjoying my time there.
They're two different positions obviously but they have similar features in terms of playing with the ball, there's just a lot more players coming at you from different angles in the midfield instead of in front you at the book.

"But I'm enjoying it. Liam - he's played centre back before, I've played centre mid before so it wasn't really difficult for us to transition."

McGing said he has learned off veteran defensive midfielders at his club Montgomery and Mickael Tavares.

"They're players that have had great careers and any advice they give I take on board," he said.

The Mariners face Western, McGing's former club, this weekend. The Marconi product is expected a tough game in Blacktown

"They work hard," he said.

"The boys are always very fit and very good on the ball. So it's going to be a big game for us on the weekend but I think we're prepared for it. We want to push for that top six as much as we can. Any result we can get we're going to go for it."

McGing and is teammates are not giving up on Central Coast going on a run and snaring an A-Leage finals spot.

"You can't count anyone out," he said. 

"I think that we're more than capable of doing it. This weekend's not going to change our mindset, we're going to go in there trying to get all three points. We're not going to stop until we get there."