McGowan tackled Theo as he went to release the ball to launch a counter-attack deep into stoppage-time in Sunday’s clash at Coopers Stadium.

Theo reacted by trying to shake McGowan’s tackle, flinging an elbow into the defender’s cheek, with referee Stephen Lucas sending the goalkeeper off and awarding Adelaide a penalty, which Sergio Cirio converted for a 2-1 win.

“I came out last night (on Twitter) and said I was trying to stop Theo throwing the ball,” McGowan said.

“We were down to 10 men and Brisbane are a very, very good side, probably 1-1 we would’ve taken.

“At that point, me and big Taylor Regan are up front and we’ve got young boys at the back. We’ve been caught on the counter-attack way too many times this season.

“I made no hiding the fact I was trying to stop Theo throw the ball. The referee has missed it or deemed it was not a foul but my whole intention was to foul him.

“It’s one of those decisions which isn’t mine to make. I’ve been honest and said I was trying to foul him.

“Obviously the ref has not given it and seen what happened afterwards and pointed to the spot.”

McGowan insisted he was never trying to win a penalty nor did we appeal for one. He also said in his understanding of the rules, Theo deserved to be sent off.

“My first thought when we blew the whistle was it’s a foul against me,” said McGowan, who was sporting a bruise on the cheek which Theo connected with.

“(On the footage) I don’t appeal for a penalty or nothing. I get up and walk away. I’m hardly lying on my back getting stretchered off.

“I was surprised when the referee pointed to the spot. That’s his decision.

“My ruling would’ve been a free-kick for Brisbane, yellow for myself and a red for Theo. But I don’t make those decisions.”

McGowan said there was no hard feelings with his Roar opponents after the game, saying he shook all of their players’ hands.

Brisbane football operations manager Craig Moore and assistant coach Ross Aloisi have both been cited under Football Federation Australia’s Code of Conduct after an alleged incident in the tunnel with Adelaide assistant coach Jacobo Ramallo.

Moore has been cited for alleged comments made towards match officials, while Aloisi has been cited for an alleged incident with an opposition coach in the tunnel.

A-League coaches clash in tunnel

Aloisi, Moore cited for post-match meltdown

The defender, who is expected to head to Europe after this season, said he hadn’t seen the alleged incident in the tunnel but called for punishment if there was truth to the allegations.

“I don’t know who was involved, so I can’t say they need to come down on whoever was involved,” McGowan said.

“The Adelaide tunnel has plenty of people in it, so I’m sure someone has seen it.

“There will be repercussions if there was something done wrong because it’s something we don’t want to see in the game.”