Jamie Young - 8     

Absolutely superb, at least three world class saves in the first half alone. He has a Jens Lehmann-esque ability to save with his feet.

Dane Ingham - 5.5  

Unable to find a way past or around Scott Jamieson, which is a little disappointing from a young lad who inconsistently shows very promising attribute. 

Connor O'Toole - 6

Had a few shaky moments defensively, but also recovered well in instances.

Jacob Pepper - 6   

Although he mops up well and reads the game reasonably effectively, hence his utility-style in the A-League, it wasn't a very composed performance and Pepper was lucky to be saved by Galekovic at times.

Luke De Vere - 6  

Great to see the ex-Socceroo back in the league after emerging from seeming purgatory so far this season. He's going to take awhile to get up to speed (and fitness, he's looking pretty baulky).   

Jack Hingert - 7

Few nice clearances, equanimous defending. Pressed forward dangerously at times.