Ben Kennedy โ€“ 3

Probably should have done better when he was beaten at the near post for the opener. It was an avalanche after that and not a game the โ€˜keeper will look back on with any great fondness.

Storm Roux โ€“ 3

Had his timing all wrong tonight. Went forward when he should have stayed back, and struggled to catch up to the assault that unfolded behind him when he was beaten.

Jacob Poscoliero โ€“ 2

Played some dangerous passes and made to look fairly ordinary by the likes of Leroy George and Besart Berisha. Was put out of his misery when subbed on 78 minutes.

Antony Golec โ€“ 4

Rhys Williams goal line clearance was the only thing that stopped him from opening the scoring early. It was his main job which let him down on the Victoryโ€™s second when he left a gaping hole for Leroy George and Berisha to exploit. Hyperextended his leg shortly after and was replaced with 10 minutes to go in the first half. A broken leg seems to be the diagnosis and sadly the season over for him.

Jake McGing โ€“ 4

Got involved down the right on several occasions and inadvertently almost assisted a Mariners goal with an awkward header. Found out of position a few times and the Victory front 4 exploited this.

Liam Rose โ€“ 4

Toiled in midfield but was completely out-enthused and out-played. Put in maximum effort in a deflating team performance.

Danny De Silva โ€“ 3

Was this an audition for the yet-to-be announced Invisible Man stage production? To be fair to him, his team mates did him no favours. A frustrating 90 plus minutes.

Wout Brama โ€“ 4

Lost the battle of the midfield to Valeri and Sanchez.