Conceptualised in Iceland by ex-Tottenham defender, Geõni Bergsson, and adapted in Australia the program will debut on Fox Sports January 8.

Soccer Genius uses light gates to measure five key components of a footballer’s skill level: passing and receiving, dribbling, shot velocity, shot accuracy and game action running - ultimately generating a total score for participants based on their performance.

According to Moore – who became the Australian ambassador for Soccer Genius after Director Jason Buchanan introduced the concept to him – the program is a perfect monitor for any football player’s skill level.

"I’ll be honest with you – I see lots of bits and pieces out there in the community, but I think Soccer Genius is a wonderful product," Moore told FTBL.

"The program allows players, coaches and parents to monitor the skill level of participants, which I think is very important for Australian footballing youth. It gives players a total score which can be used as a target for improvement.

"I had a look at the concept and spoke to Jason in some detail about the marketplace in Australia and I think it’s a product that can get out there and make an impact in the country. To be on Fox Sports is a huge step on the back of a lot of hard work that Jason has done in trying to get the brand out there.

"I’d love to be able to find ways through government that we can get it out to every single football club in the country."

The program has been tested across Queensland, Canberra, Western Australia and the Northern Territory with positive results and is set to travel to Tasmania, Melbourne and Adelaide in 2019.

According to Soccer Genius Australia Director Jason Buchanan, the program has been the subject of interest from TV giants Fox Sports and Optus, thanks in part to Craig Moore.

"We’ve been speaking to Fox Sports over the last two years and there’s definitely an interest there" Buchanan said.

"The plan was to get Soccer Genius running on Kayo Sports on a weekly basis, but we’re holding off on that for now because there’s interest from Optus as well - so we’ll see what transpires.

"Craig has been massive in supporting Soccer Genius.

"He’s a well-known and well connected figure in Australian football and is deeply passionate about the game in this country.

"He’s chosen to align himself with something he believes will benefit Australia’s next generation of footballing talent and I’m grateful that he’s opened a lot of doors for us.

A Soccer Genius feature shot in the Northern Territory will debut on Fox Sports January 8.