The 43-year-old represented Australia in over 50 games as well as playing in two World Cups and enjoyed spells with Glasgow Rangers, Crystal Palace, Borussia Monchengladbach and Newcastle United in Europe.

Moore retired after 2010 and began working for the FFA in 2012 for almost three years as a player mentor, football advisor and Socceroos ambassador. He then spent three years as a football director at Brisbane Roar and departed the club in January last year.

The outspoken former centre-back reveals his next dream lies in football consultancy and has been travelling around the world already to meet face-to-face with experienced agents and managers to help achieve his goals.

Moore playing for Newcastle United, going up against former Liverpool attacker Dirk Kuyt

“My passion has always been the football side of things,” Moore told FTBL. “Like many players, I didn’t think too long and hard about life after football, but I did things which didn’t get my juices flowing if I’m being honest.

“I had involvement with the FFA with talent identification and mentoring and I got to see the backend stuff which was good. I then had an opportunity at Brisbane Roar. I’ve been involved and done everything to get a good grounding in terms of what’s required for agency or consultancy.

“I don’t want to just pigeonhole myself for just dealing with players, I’m looking at players, coaches, exhibitions, buying and selling football clubs, I’m looking at all sorts of opportunities within the game.

“I wouldn’t say anyone in particular has given me inspiration to go on and do what I’m doing in terms of exploring this market. What I guess has given me the boost to go and try and do this is when I go through my contacts and list of connections with coaches and players I’ve worked with.

Moore playing against Germany in the 2010 World Cup

“I always knew I had good connections, but unfortunately I knew I couldn’t utilise them in Australia due to rules and regulations to really be bold and have a proper go at something.

“After leaving Roar, I made up my mind that I’ll commit to trying to getting out and about, learn and tap into my networks as much as I can to become a success at the football consultancy game.

Moore is keen on growing his network more and wants to help footballers get the necessary information to make the best decisions.

However he believes this will be difficult to achieve down under.

“I’ve got a lot of good friends in the game, young and old, all very passionate and care for the game and the advice I’ve received over the years is that you can’t make an impact unless you get in on the inside,” he said.

“I was involved and worked in the FFA and at an A-League club, they were senior positions and I was disappointed because you are in a position, you’re a person with knowledge and you do have a better idea than the majority people because it’s been something you’ve been involved in your whole life even though I was a player in the UK.

“I had an opportunity to see how a football club is run and there are a lot of people that’ll tell you what should happen and what shouldn’t happen in this country, yet they’ve never seen it outside of this country.

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