Concerns have been raised about the temperatures in the Middle East country June and July, with speculation the tournament could be moved to cooler months. 

However, this would mean the competition taking place at the same time as the domestic football calendar in many countries, meaning Scudamore would not support FIFA in any such switch. 

The Premier League boss insisted this would cause too much disruption around the world, and called on the governing body to consult with all parties before making any decision.

"It's extremely difficult (to move it), nigh on impossible in our view," he told Sky Sports News. "Where they award the World Cup to is entirely the FIFA executive committee's decision, entirely their decision, not our business.

"The international football calendar is one that has to be consulted though; it is not something FIFA can just decide because the whole of world football has an interest in that.

"'There is a whole series of complications around that and that consultation process has to be a separate consultation process with leagues and associations on a global basis, not just the Premier League and European Leagues, to make sure it works for everybody."

Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 tournament in 2010, beating USA, South Korea, Japan and Australia in the voting process.