The Roar, who currently sit in eighth spot in the league, travel to Adelaide United on Saturday in a match which could greatly complicate their finals chances if they fail to take home all three points.

Brisbane are likely to field the same starting side as in last week's 0-0 draw with Newcastle Jets.

Central Coast Mariners manager Graham Arnold recently said the system, in which the team that finishes top of the league can be eliminated with a loss in their first finals game, is 'unfair.'

Mulvey admitted that the process might not be to everyone's taste, but said people needed to accept the rules as they stand.

"It's alright for the person who's sitting top of the ladder to say that, isn't it?" Mulvey said of Arnold's comments that he would be putting most emphasis on the Premier's Plate.

"It is what it is. We have to accept it for what it is.

"I think the Australian public welcomes a finals system, we're not like the major European centres where first past the post is counted as champion.

"There is a certain degree of satisfaction as coach. You want your team to finish top at the end of the season, I agree with that wholeheartedly.

"But the bottom line is, this is what it is in Australia, and we accept that."

Mulvey conceded that the fact the Roar could scrape into sixth spot by season's end, then win three games in a row to finish champions might appear unjust to some.

But he stressed that his side could only strive to achieve the best possible result under the current format.

"It might be strange in some people's eyes," Mulvey said. "It's not the four teams down the bottom's fault that it's a top six.

"You ask any one of those team's coaches and they'll want to be in the top six, so we're fighting. We want to play in the finals. There's no question about that

"And if we're good enough, we'll do it."