The Rangers chairman and the club's commercial director Martin Bain were quizzed over plans to increase the capacity of Ibrox at the club's annual general meeting on Thursday.

One shareholder made it clear to the board that although the capacity at Ibrox was just over 51,000 it was not satisfactory to be outdone by Celtic, who can accommodate 60,000 fans.

Bain revealed that a feasibility study had been carried out over what could be done to install more seats by removing the corner televisions or lowering the playing surface.

The joint-bid by Rangers and Las Vegas Sands to win the first supercasino licence in the United Kingdom meant the club had previously been tied into those plans to regenerate the area.

But after losing out to Manchester in the bidding war the club are now looking at ways, along with Glasgow City Council, to improve the area as a commercial destination and in turn draw bigger crowds to the stadium.

Bain explained: "A feasibility study was carried out to find the indicative costs of ways to put more seats in the ground. But we had to decide whether to continue without knowing what is going to happen. After all it is about supply and demand.

"We are now looking at increasing the club's footprint in this area so that we have commercial activities around the ground which improve our potential to attract fans.

"We are waiting to see a bigger masterplan before we decide what we want to do with the stadium."

Murray confirmed the view that the club had to look at how to generate commercial activity around the club before increasing the capacity.

He said: "We hope that when we meet here in a year's time that we will have a masterplan ready to be signed off."