“The game turned on its head in one decision,” Muscat said.

Donachie had headed in moments before George Blackwood's winner, yet his goal had been overruled. In an otherwise tense defensive performance from the Reds, Muscat claimed it was a game-changer.

“There weren’t too many chances and then when we score it’s incorrectly ruled out in my view," Muscat continued.

“It’s that clear that there’s no contact. He’s in the air and lands on his teammate’s foot or ankle or boot and falls over. 

“It shouldn’t have even gone to VAR and it should have been given a goal. It was that clear and that obvious.”

A much-more relaxed Kurz joked about his intentions to remove Blackwood moments before the Aussie's goal. The German then substituted the striker moments after scoring.

“We spoke about [taking Blackwood off] because he cramped,” Kurz said.

“We had not the luxury of a lot of offensive players and that means I must be careful. 

“I’m happy that he scored at this time because I’m sure I would change him. 

“Maybe he smelt it a little bit and said ‘Look, I must score the goal and then you can change me coach.'”

Following Craig Goodwin's praise of the goalscorer and Blackwood's claims that "good balls in the box" are all he needs to score more goals, Kurz said he had to be careful with the injury-prone big-man. 

“We are happy that he is in this shape but we must be careful with him because had no basics from the pre-season," Kurz added. "But I am happy that he is in this shape. 

“He learned a lot to work with the body. It was not easy to hold the ball against [James] Donachie and against [Georg] Niedermeier but he did it well. 

“He is a striker, his job is to score a goal. That is his ‘shop’ and today he was good.”