The veteran player turned coach says he's got views on the game – but is getting ground down by the suspicions he faces every time he voices an opinion.

"Whenever you say something, it's perceived or gets perceived that it's for your own advantage," said Muscat today.

"A lot of what I say is for our competition, because - yeah, I want to win, there's no doubt about it – but I actually care about Australian football and I care about the A-League.

"But when I do say something, it's perceived that it's Victory-orientated or Kevin Muscat-orientated...but a lot of it's not.

"Slowly, the fight is getting knocked out of me, so I'll just focus my energy on Melbourne Victory. Whatever the rules, however they're made, I'll just abide by them."

Muscat shrugged off questions about the possible abolition of the salary next season and its impact on squad building for next year.

"I haven't given it any thought," he insisted. "What does it really matter what I think anyway?

"It doesn't really matter. Slowly you get chipped away and the fight slowly gets taken away from you."