Out of the 26 goals Newcastle have scored this season the two Andrew's have contributed almost half with 12 goals between them.

And with six assists, the two speedsters remain the Jets' main scoring threat.

The attacking duo arrived at the Jets looking to get their careers going again after both experienced an unpleasant period in their previous campaigns.

Even before the season began, Nabbout instinctively believed his relationship with Hoole would be a fruitful one.

“As soon as I started here I knew that Hooley and I were going to be a good partnership," the 24 year-old said speaking to FourFourTwo exclusively.

“We are both quick and we are both powerful and we both like scoring goals. To be out there with him it’s quality because we have created a good relationship between ourselves.

“We look for each other all over the park. Whenever I got the ball I spot his runs and the same with him. So it’s good to play with him and it’s good to see him doing so well after having a bit of downward spell at Sydney because he wasn’t getting as much game time as he has here.

“His situation was the same as mine, he needed a little bit of game time and a confidence boost and we both got it and as you can see we are doing well so it’s really good to be playing with him.”

Hoole also took time to laud the performances of his Jets teammate who at times has been one of the in-form players of the A-League this season.

“It’s good to see Nabbout doing well, it’s important for the team,” said the 23-year-old speaking to FourFourTwo exclusively. “He’s been recognised for his performances this season and he’s got some nice stats there as well in terms of goals and assists.

“In terms of him and me it’s about proving that we are good player’s week in and week out and keeping consistent throughout the season. We’ve done that at this stage of the season. It’s good for the team that me and him are firing as well it gives the team a good platform.”

In 2015 Nabbout was released by Melbourne Victory after Besart Berisha and Fahid Ben Khalfallah joined the club and revealed that being a local attacking player in Australia is challenging.

“To be honest with you the imports in our club are playing as number 10’s or number nine’s,” he said. “It frees up spots out wide for players like myself and Andrew Hoole to take that opportunity and it was given to us with an expectation that we were going to do well.

“To be a local player in this league as an attacker is very hard because most teams have their imports as attackers. I’m privileged and I feel very good to be out there as a local player to be starting week in and week out because it’s tough in this league.”