Both Australia and Jordan are two points behind Oman in the race for second place in their World Cup qualifying group with two matches to play, although Australia are in third place by virtue of their superior goal difference, which is six better than Jordan.
Rightback Luke Wilkshire said he expected Jordan to sit back and defend at Etihad Stadium, content to try and catch Australia on the break, but Neill feels the visitors have just as much reason to attack as the Socceroos.
"They have some very strong attacking players," Neill said at Etihad Stadium. "The way the mathematics is working out, maybe they need to come and get points here.
"If they don't get points then maybe they don't finish second or third. We're in exactly the same position - we both need the points, so we both have to go for the points.
"At some stage, whether it be in the first minute or the last 15, they have to show their hand."
Neill feels Jordan have been underestimated by Australian football fans throughout the campaign.
"I think it's what you guys need to understand: that Jordan are no mugs - they're a very good team," Neill said. "I don't think you're giving them enough credit.
"They've beaten Japan and Australia at home. They're a team that deserve your respect, they certainly have our respect.
"And it's a game that we know, if we don't play to near best or best, there's a chance that we won't win the game.
"At home, the onus is on us to win the game. So, we've analysed them well, we've had a few meetings now about they play, but more importantly about how we're going to play and how we're going to try and perform to our maximum."
Australia coach Holger Osieck said he has a full complement of players to choose from for the match, and Neill believes the competition for places in the starting line-up is a positive.
"There's a 26-man squad picked for three games, so that's up to the boss to work out his best formula for those three games," he said.
"It's up to us as players to all make ourselves as sharp and as hungry as possible to be the lucky ones that get to play."

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