Speaking at a Macarthur South West United community forum in Canley Vale, Krslovic lamented the precariousness of the new A-League club's position as the landscape of the  league's administration changes.
With the South-West Sydney club not scheduled to kick a ball until 2020/21 season, the top brass at the club have been embedding roots in the community and a commitment to youth development.

And a key focus has been a commitment to a team and club culture that is family friendly and built on "...honest, hard work".

They also revealed their ambition to make existing NPL clubs part of a development pathway for the team via a feeder club system. 

Camden Tigers, SD Raiders and Macarthur Rams are on the radar to join South West's player development scheme. 

But Krslovic expressed his concerns over the independent A-League model – currently being formulated by the FFA and current club owners – and the challenges it poses for the SWS project. 

"Even though we are an accepted club at the moment, we don't have a seat at the table," he told the forum.

"The challenge for us is the independent league, will it suit us? will it harm us? 

"The other challenge, is we have no voting rights at club or FFA level. We don't get to put forward our community or club thoughts at the moment. 

"That's the biggest thing that could affect us. That's a huge challenge."

He added: "There is a financial risk, the revenue stream could be greater with an independent A-League."

Deputy club chairman Gino Marra added: "Because of the relationship we have with A-League clubs we know what is going on, we know what the clubs are trying to achieve."

Further community questioning revolved around other prospects in Australian football such as promotion and relegation and a second division. 

Krslovic put his full weight behind a promotion and relegation system. 

"We are in favour of promotion and relegation," said Krslovic. "Central Coast Mariners are the best example – we need promotion and relegation. 

"It creates excitement, every game means something and it doesn't allow complacency. It harvests greater work ethic and great desire."