Speaking to Fox Sports after his side were reduced to nine in a 2-0 loss to Western Sydney Wanderers on Saturday night, Okon didn't hold back.

Both Wout Brama and Jake McGing were initially handed yellows, upgraded to reds after consultation with the VAR.The decisions sparked a storm of protest at Central Coast Stadium and on social media.

Okon said: "If it's a trial it's failed. And if you turned up here tonight and you leave no longer in love with football I can understand.

"I think that's what everyone will be talking when they leave the stadium, about those decisions about the VAR incidents.

"It's a tough one to take. You know we don't want to take credit away from the Wanderers who I thought bounced back after a tough week that they've had.

"We should be talking about the contest, tonight 11 against 11, and not in the way unfortunately we are."

Both Reds came after the visitors took the lead through Brendon Santalab (27') who then set up Alvaro Cejudo (50') for the second.