This time last year, the Hoops lodged an official complaint with the Scottish Premier League about Rangers' post-split fixtures.

This time around, Smith was furious to discover his side face three consecutive away games, against Hibernian, Dundee United and Celtic, in their last five fixtures.

And the Ibrox boss claims Rangers have suffered far more than their Old Firm rivals in the 10 years since the split was introduced.

Smith told the Scottish News of the World: "Celtic complained bitterly last season and said they felt they weren't being treated properly.

"But when you look at it in the context of the 10 years we've had since the SPL split began, you can see they have been treated more fairly than any other team.

"The reality is it's been Rangers who have been treated unfairly in terms of where we play the better teams in the league.

"From our point of view that's really disappointing, particularly when you consider these post-split fixtures are obviously not compiled by computer.

"These fixtures are made by someone making a conscious decision about where each team should go."

He added: "What's even more surprising is Celtic felt the need to complain about it last year.

"When you study the facts, it's clear Rangers should have been the club doing the complaining, not Celtic.

"Maybe we have been a wee bit slow to complain in the past.

"But when I look at every season since this split started anyone can see quite clearly Celtic have come out of it far better, in terms of benefiting from the split."