The ongoing friction between van’t Schip and Roar coach John Aloisi this season boiled over in the second half when Nicolas Colazo equalised for the home side on 54 minutes.

Referee Shaun Evans allowed the attack to continue despite defender Jade North lying on the ground holding his face.

Replays showed striker Bruno Fornaroli raised his hand to North's face but the Roar veteran had gone down under minimum contact.

Coaches clash in City, Roar draw

Aloisi 'sledged' by City players

Van 't Schip said post-match: “I can only say the referee saw probably what happened and he (North) tried to get Bruno sent off. In the end they got punished by us scoring that goal.

“A coach accusing us of diving and the way we play and then having a player like North doing the same, I’m not saying we’re doing that, that’s his words.

“We’re just an aggressive side that wants to press high and with pressing high sometimes you make fouls.

"But we don’t make fouls to injure players, that’s our game, we’re improving and getting better.

“We want to keep the ball...and then when we lose the ball, we want to get it back as soon as possible, that’s part of our game and we want to get better at that.”

Aloisi defended his player and said Evans should have stopped the game, but was disappointed with Roar's static defence after North hit the ground.

“(North) obviously got hit there, was it hard enough for him to go down? I don’t think so,” Aloisi said.

“He’s not a dirty player, he’s not a player that ever tries to get someone sent off, I’ve never seen it, played against him a few times and never saw it...Jado’s not that type of player.

“I’ll have a word with Jado about it."

Aloisi added: “I’m pretty sure the referee is supposed to stop play if (a player) is holding his head.

“I actually thought Shaun Evans had a good game… I don’t know all the refereeing rules but I know if you are holding your head, the play has to stop.

"Either he didn’t see it, or if he did see it, he has to either book Fornaroli or Jado, but the game has to stop.

“That’s a given because you don’t know, he could’ve been poked in the eye, concussion. The rule is play has to stop,

"I’m not accusing any City players of not kicking the ball out because they don’t have to do that, it’s up to the referee.”

The accusations didn't stop there. Aloisi said he was sledged by the City bench, which incited the crowd while van 't Schip said Roar assistant coach Ross Aloisi threw a ball in the face of City defender Josh Rose.

“I think there was more when the assistant coach threw a ball at our one of our player’s faces,” the City boss said.

“It’s part of the game and not something I’m going to waste too much time on. I think I said what I had to say yesterday because John was having a go at us for almost every game.

“Also shows he’s worried about his own team, that’s the only thing I can make of it. Just concentrate on your own team and that’s already hard enough with all the things going on to improve, to get better, so that’s the last I’m saying about it.

City travel to Sydney next week while the Roar face Adelaide United away.