The only goal in the game came from Ross McCormack in the 59th minute.

Okon paid credit to City for their performance but was bemused that Iacopo La Rocca’s challenge on Andrew Hoole in the box was not reviewed.

“We’re probably a bit disappointed we didn’t get a penalty as well, I’m still trying to understand how the VAR works,” Okon said post-match.

“My take on it is the VAR will only overrule if it is an obvious error, but it is an obvious error because the referee doesn’t see it.

“So the VAR, you have the technology, penalty or not a penalty? It’s an obvious error because the referee doesn’t see it. It’s such a grey area, it just doesn’t make sense.

“We’ve got the technology, but I don’t think it’s being used effectively and so if it’s not effective, then take it out and there is no more of that uncertainty and grey area.”


The VAR has become a constant talking point every week. Perth Glory coach Kenny Lowe described the system as looking for howlers, rather than reviewing an incident.

And Okon said he was confused about the interpretations.

“What’s a howler? Tell me what a howler is? They need to explain it,” he said.

“An obvious error for me is the referee doesn’t see the incident or in that moment he doesn’t think it’s a penalty.

“If you’re upstairs and you see it as a penalty, then it’s a penalty. It shouldn’t be ‘yeah penalty, it could be a penalty, but no because it’s not an obvious error’.

“I’m not having a whinge, it’s happened every week now. I’ll bet you there are another nine A-League coaches that are sitting here who want to say the same thing. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Okon was now keen to put this game behind him and now move on to Western Sydney Wanderers at home next week.

However he was disappointed they failed to defend the goal on the hour mark which had Nick Fitzgerald and Luke Brattan combining to tee up McCormack.

“I thought we had our moments,” Okon said.

“Second-half I felt we were dominating and then they get a goal, we knew Dean Bouzanis had a long kick and we didn’t defend as best as possible. Once they scored, they sat behind the ball and made it difficult.

“We got into dangerous areas, we had a big chance at the end there where Connor Pain’s shot gets blocked by Stefan Mauk.”

Mariners have now dropped to fifth on the table.