Connor Metcalfe - 6 

It's hard to lay too much blame at the feet of Metcalfe, despite his early withdrawal, because if anything, his lack of success merely highlighted just how technically brilliant these South Koreans were.

He's clearly a fine player, as he showed on multiple occasions with nicely timed drag-backs and clean controls, but he was simply a step behind the entire match. Match fitness? Perhaps. 

But the football IQ and subsequent reaction times between both teams were a chasm across every position on the pitch. Metcalfe was simply the canary in the coal mine.

Trent Buhagiar - 5.5

His pace should have been Australia's biggest weapon tonight, as a backs-to-the-wall type of game perfectly suits the electric winger. 

Largely, the responsibility for Buhagiar's ineffectiveness falls to his teammates - namely Al Hassan Toure - who were unable to find him in dangerous areas. 

But the few times he broke through, he was similarly unable to find anyone else.

Keanu Baccus - 8

Alongside Ryan, Australia's best tonight. He excelled in a far tougher position, jam-packed between out-ran Aussies in a crucible of phenomenal Korean technicality. 

His last-ditch interceptions and brilliant tackles were a saving grace for Australia on multiple occasions and in a few brief spells, he almost unlocked dangerous counter-attacks. Our player of the match.

Jacob Italiano - 5

Quiet and ineffective, offloading responsibility too easily with the occasional hit-and-hope or hospital ball. 

He has a habit of dallying on the ball before playing into strikers surrounded by opposition, which threw away the few occasions Australia could truly boast attacking momentum.

Al Hassan Toure - 5

Nearly invisible, with poor service barely half the issue. He's explosive, but his passing needs improvement, as does his confidence in tight areas.


Denis Genreau - 5

Genreau was the only substitute who looked to have a hope of effecting the game, but was worse than the player he replaced, Metcalfe. 

From the stroke of half-time, South Korea controlled that midfield like a chihuahua on a choker chain. 

Reno Piscopo - 6

Piscopo was the most involved of the substitutes, earning himself a caution for trying to throw himself into the game. Not much else to show for it, though.

Ben Folami - N/A