Tom Glover - 6

Glover was active in punching away floating crosses by the Iraqi's and was overall comfortable in goal. He couldn't do much about the equaliser. 

Gabriel Cleur - 5

Cleur, stationed at right-back, was average for Australia. He couldn't get around his man when he was going forward, sailing to provide a cutting edge in the final third when the Olyroos desperately needed it. 

Thomas Deng - 6

Deng's dribbling in the first half was extremely confident and was drawing Iraqi players out of position. Those dribbles stopped in the second half when Australia slowly fell onto the back foot. 

Dylan Ryan - 6

His header in the 86th minute hit the post, bringing Australia only inches from stealing a winner. His defensive performance was sound and definitely deserves a start against Thailand.

Alex Gersbach - 5

It would be fair to say both of Australia's full-backs were disappointing. Gersbach hardly put in a meaningful cross and was often forced inside making square passes. 

Keanu Baccus - 5.5

Baccus had a quality first 15 minutes as he made his mark on the game in the early stages. He was shimmying past players and making dangerous forward passes stick. His performance started to dip the first time he turned the ball over. He couldn't wrestle his game back. 


Three things we learned: Australia vs Iraq

The Olyroos quest to progress to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has gotten off to a frustrating start as Graham Arnold’s men – despite a wonder strike from Reno Piscopo – held to a 1-1 draw with Iraq.

Connor Metcalfe - 5

Metcalfe had an average performance. His passing was below par, overhitting and mistiming a lot of his distributions. Space started to open up behind the Olyroos midfield when the turnovers started to pile up. 

Aidan O'Neill - 5

O'Neill seemed confident in his role in the team against Iraq. Similar to Baccus, his first quarter of the match was commendable but he faded throughout the match.

Reno Piscopo - 6

His freekick saved Australia a point in the end, but it papered over a few cracks from the Wellington winger. Piscopo blew a guilt edged chance in the first half and can be blamed for failing to pull the trigger on a number of occasions. 

Trent Buhagiar - 5

Buhagiar barely had an impact on the match with Australia failing to make use of his blistering pace. On one occasion he got on the end of a long pass and muscled his way to the byeline, winning a corner. A sign of his potential, but a long way to go to being influential. 

Al-Hassan Toure - 6

He'd feel stiff having his goal disallowed for a foul in the build-up because it was a fantastic move by Australia. He grew into the hold up role but could never threaten like he did in the first half. 


Jacob Italiano - 6

Italiano will be a strong favourite to start against Thailand. His introduction in the second half saw a bolt of lightning hit the Olyroos. His turn of pace was a breath of fresh air. 

Zach Duncan - 6

Duncan couldn't manage to maintain a grip on the Iraqi midfield when he came on, but may be useful for a start against Thailand. 

Daniel Bouman - N/A

The Cambuur forward didn't get too many chances. 


Watch! Reno Piscopo lands stunner in Olyroos draw

Reno Piscopo scored a stunning free kick as Australia drew 1-1 with Iraq at the AFC U-23 Championship in Thailand.