Today is D-Day for football in Australia with the FFA Board meeting to discuss whether to proceed with expanding the 10-club comp.

There are mounting concerns that even the naming of the successful bids may be kept underwraps, blunting the momentum for growth.

Following a rebellion by A-League clubs, a new and more representive board will be installed at the FFA Annual General Meeting next month.

That could put the kybosh on the entry of two new clubs in 2019/20 as originally planned.

Bid teams South West Sydney Macarthur, Southern Expansion (Sydney region), Wollongong Wolves, Team 11 (Melbourne), South Melbourne FC, Western Melbourne Group, Ipswich Pride FC and Canberra & Capital Region now face a nervous wait.

Despite the uncertainly, A-League boss Greg O’Rourke revealed the FFA had already decided which two teams it would recommend for entry to the league.

“There are geographies of Australia that are yet to be connected to the A-League,” he said.

“The teams we have proposed to move forward would enable that connection to a geography and those parts of the community that are yet to really connect with the A-league and W-League. “

Regarding the possible postponement of the succesfull bidders being announced O’Rouke was adamant that the growth of the A-League must not be stalled.

“I clearly don’t want expansion delayed,” he said.

“If they delay it by a year because they make the decision later into the process that could be one thing, but what I don’t want them to do is delay the announcement of the teams.

“Because that’s where the excitement comes from, that’s where the ability of those clubs comes from to start recruiting, setting up, employing individuals going to the community and getting their colours, the name of the club and all those sorts of things.

"That momentum we can’t afford to push down the road. Just two teams in itself would do a lot for the league.”

“We are ready to make a recommendation yes. This board is meeting for effectively the last time operationally.

“They will obviously meet one more time at the AGM so the question for them will be if they want to make the call or whether they want the newly constituted board to make the call and that is a thing that I don’t know.”

"Some people might believe there is enough information to make the decision at say the second board meeting.

"You wouldn’t make the decision at the first board meeting there is lots of other matters to be discussed."