The Panthers Group, which backs the Penrith Panthers rugby league club, formally registered its interest in buying a share of their cross-code rivals two months ago.
Speaking to a Sydney newspaper, the former NRL boss openly questioned the group's motives for buying into an enemy code.
"Why would we think about selling the Wanderers to a club from another code? And equally you have to wonder why a club from another code would want to invest their money and spread their resources to build up a rival?" Gallop told Fairfax Media.
But an angry Wilson returned fire on Thursday afternoon.
"Nonsense, complete and utter nonsense. Why would you buy something, pay money for it and then let it fall apart?" he said.
"That's just dumb ... it just doesn't make sense, that doesn't pass muster that one.
"We're in the business of sport. One's a summer sport, one's a winter sport. We're in the business of western Sydney, we're in the business of providing entertainment so it all just sat side by side with each other.
"So basically clubs should be looking at opportunities and that's all we were doing, was looking (at it and asking) 'does this make sense'?
"And it was only an expression of interest, that's all it was."
Asked if he was sure it was Gallop who shot down the provocative bid, Wilson replied:
"According to today's paper it was David Gallop so I'm assuming it was David, so that's it.
"I guess I find that a little bit strange. I would have thought they'd at least have spoken to us, asked our credentials, asked what our plans were, asked us what our thoughts were.
"According to today's paper they're worried about preserving jersey colours and names or whatever, well someone should have at least asked us."
Pressed on whether part of his proposal was to shift the Wanderers from Parramatta Stadium to Penrith, Wilson explained: "We would have looked at all of those opportunities. If it made sense to play at four different venues in Greater Western Sydney, I would have done that.
"If it made sense to keep it at Parramatta I would have done that, if it made sense to bring it out here I would have done that.
"Who knows? No one even got to sit down and talk about everything."