Lowe had been in charge of Glory since the 2013/14 season, where he was appointed head coach after an initial interim spell where he won four out of 17 games.

Lowe then led the club to a successful 2014/15 campaign before the club began a gradual decline, interrupted by two FFA Cup finals in 2014 and 2015.

In his last season at the club, Perth finished eighth with a record of 10 wins, two draws and 15 losses. Yet Glory's owner, Tony Sage, maintained until recently that it was “not too bad an effort by Kenny and his team.”

Lowe's recent seasons were largely characterised by reoccuring problems. Having key marquees like Diego Castro join the squad after pre-season consistently led to stuttering starts, which amplified persistent defensive issues and injury concerns. 

Earlier in the season, Lowe was also caught on camera at a Perth training session, hammering his squad with “I don’t f***ing deserve that. I’m a f***ing decent bloke”, leading to claims that there may have been increasing behind-the-scenes pressure upon the veteran. 

Overall, the coach's win-ratio stands at just over 40%.