Dean Bouzanis – 7: Effortless power in his distribution, and quick to close angles.

Harrison Delbridge – 6.5: Strong defensive display, but faded in and out of the game.        

Scott Jamieson – 5: He can’t blame inexperience, so it’s purely lack of concentration that he gave the ball away so cheaply.

Bart Schenkeveld – 7.5: Always well positioned, pushed forward and limited Perth’s opportunities.      

Michael Jakobsen – 7.5: Led by example. One of several City players to boomerang between attack and defence.        

Osama Malik – 7: Physically imposing throughout, and retained possession well.       

Nathaniel Atkinson – 6.5: Too strong for Walker and too quick for Castro, but his passing leaves a lot to be desired. Could have hurt Perth a lot more than he did.