“You thought we were going to be easy."

No matter what you think about Ange, he always backs his players.

A 0-0 draw against Honduras may be nothing to call home about, after all, an away goal for the Central Americans in Sydney could now prove fatal. But a strong performance was just what the doctor ordered for a Socceroos side in desperate need of confidence, and it certainly seems to have given the Australian coach his mojo back.

“I saw in the newspaper you said it was 11 kangaroos out there, but kangaroos can play football," Postecoglou jibed at the Honduran media following the match.

“People made comments about Honduras - they were wrong and we apologise for that, but there were some comments made in Honduras about our team that were disrespectful as well."

Ange was referring to loose comparisons between playing in San Pedro Sula and facing ISIS - a joke made on the Channel 1o show 'The Project' that received a predictably horrified reception in Honduras.

But Ange was there to reinforce the message. Australia is a force to be reckoned with, he insists, and the coach is certain that his side will prove that in Sydney.

“We had two players who play in the Premier League playing today, we’ve got players in the first divisions in Europe.

“All I heard was we have a simple game plan and no stars - that was our motivation. We do our talking when the game comes.”