The inspirational American has had a good start to her 2019/20 Westfield W League campaign. She took some time out from her preparation to have a chat to The Women's Game.
1) How long have you been in Australia? Who did you play for as a junior?

I’ve been in Australia for almost a year now! I played for Legends FC growing up in Southern California.

2) What do you think was the best part of your development as a junior in America? What did you find was the key to making you a better player?

I think the best part of my development was the consistent, competitive environment I grew up and trained in. Being around the strongest competition and players helped me become a better player. You either show up and get better or get left behind and that has always fueled the fire in me.

3) You have played in France, Taiwan and Sweden. Did you play anywhere else? How did you find those experiences? What did you learn as a player?

I’ve played overseas for the last few years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has really grown me as a person and a player and being able to travel around the world and play is second to none. Being away from home allowed me to grow up and be extremely independent.  
I learned new languages, met amazing people and learned other styles of soccer in every country I played in; which has been extremely beneficial to my game. Learning new things about the game has really expanded my football knowledge and grew me in ways I didn’t know I could be stretched. I encourage all players to play overseas. It’s where I fell back in love with the game and helped me realize why I play.

4) You scored 33 goals in 25 NPLW games this year for Moreton Bay United. How do you feel the NPLW has prepared you for the upcoming W League season?

I think the NPL really grew my confidence as a player and helped me prepare for this W-league season. It made me hungry again and with that hunger I hope to help my new team win and put a few in the back of the net. The NPL is where a lot of the W-league players started and it’s amazing bridging that gap and inspiring other NPL women that it’s possible to get to the next level.

5) You also have a photography business? What’s it called and how often do you work in it considering your busy playing schedule?

I do. I started my own photography/drone business last year when I was home in the off-season. My mom is a photographer so following in her footsteps was always something I had in mind. She helped me with the whole start-up process, I got my drone license and it all just kind of took off from there.
Sadly, I haven’t done much work here because of the tricky visa rules but I try to get behind the lens as much as I can. My business is called Ryleebproductions. You can check it out on Instagram or through my website :) @ryleebproductions